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THE sensitive ADHESIVE

the only waterproof Denture Adhesive with Aloe Vera & Myrrh

fittydent sensitive Denture Adhesive with Aloe Vera & Myrrh – Prevents and heals Gum Problems

Aloe Vera has been known and used as a herbal medical plant since 1500 b.C. Studies have pointed out that Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-septic effects.Myrrh has been known as a powerful natural antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and astringent since thousands of years. It has been used to relieve pain, gingivitis, periodontal disease.

The Triple Action of fittydent sensitive Denture Adhesive: 

  • The PVA Bonding Effect provides an extremely strong and long lasting hold which prevents dentures from slipping and sliding, thus preventing irritations of the mucosa
  • Aloe Vera – strengthens the gum, soothes and alleviates gum irritation like gum sores (ulcer)
  • Myrrh prevents and soothes inflammation of the gum due to its disinfecting and astringent effect

Aloe Vera and Myrrh work synergistically. Myrrh stimulates the absorption of Aloe Vera properties and enhances the healing process.

  1. Clean and dry your dentures thoroughly. fittydent can only develop its full adhesive power when the dentures are completely dry.
  2. Apply fittydent to your dentures by squeezing the tube slightly. Warm the tube in hand if it is cold to let the adhesive come out easily.
  3. Apply fittydent to your dentures in strips or series of dots, making sure that the adhesive is not too close to the edge of the denture.
  4. To avoid clogging, close tube tightly immediately after use. Please keep the nozzle of the tube always clean.
  5. Insert dentures into mouth and bite firmly.
  6. For best results wait 15 minutes before eating or drinking.

It may take a few trials to see what amount of fittydent Denture Adhesive is ideal. First begin by using a small amount. Increase as needed to achieve a long lasting bond.

Helpful hints

  • If at the end of the day the bonding effect has not lessened, simply leave dentures in the mouth overnight. Apply less adhesive next day.
  • If you wish an even stronger bond, spread adhesive to create a thin and even layer over the entire contact area.
  • For sensitive gums, a mild tingling or burning sensation may be felt occasionally. It will pass by quickly and is absolutely harmless.
  • Use fittydent super Cleansing Tablets regularly to clean dentures effectively.
  • Soft liners might reduce bonding effect.
  • Store at room temperature.
  • Consult your dentist regularly to ensure proper fitting dentures.


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